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How to purchase one real hand painted oil painting on canvas

 How to purchase the painting?

At present the oil painting on the market basically has a few kinds: original custom oil painting, copy famous painting, fill in color oil painting and spray painting oil painting.
Original paintings and copies of famous paintings are 100% hand-painted paintings. The difference is in the famous painting, or not famous painting. Filling oil painting and printing oil painting is pure commercial oil painting.
One, original oil painting is more famous, or a little famous painter painting, of course, masters will copy famous paintings. This kind of oil painting is having extremely high artistic value and collect value, also be current artwork invests hot spot, of course the price of this kind of oil painting is higher also, to average family character cannot bear.
Copying famous paintings is mostly done by young artists who are not famous. Of course, they also have their own original paintings. This process is also the process that most masters have gone through. Because they are not famous, the price is relatively low, and if the choice is good, there will be a certain amount of collection value. Because they have the chance to become influential figures in the art world in the future, so-called "potential stocks". If lucky enough to buy such paintings, there is still a certain room for appreciation. This will test your appreciation. Of course, even if you do not become famous, you are not to lose, is a low price to buy.
These two kinds of oil paintings are of course 100% hand-painted oil paintings. Hand-painted oil painting characteristics: artificial painting has obvious fabric and painting tactility, under the bright light from the canvas on the back, the edges of the objects in the image line generally not too neat, feeling a little place pervious to light, because of the uneven thickness, main is, dip in with finger a little water on the dark color of the frame after place daub, fingers will not have any colour, with a blank sheet of paper can also, because oil paints is oily, insoluble in water. Still have one is, some people like to make canvas oneself, redraw, the canvas of this kind of canvas can stretch tight on picture frame, very level off, even if appear under pressure a bit out of shape, also can restore level off. The key is, this kind of oil painting, absolutely will not be filling oil painting and spray painting oil painting. The key to distinguish this is to look at the edge of the frame, the general homemade canvas, the edge is only no background canvas, there will be no picture.
Confirmed it is hand drawn oil painting, choose the oil painting that oneself like according to oneself financial resources and demand namely.
What is a good painting? Of course, there is a certain public appreciation, but there are also painters like van gogh who are underrated. Van gogh's paintings were often criticized before his death, and only one oil painting was sold. As long as oneself like good, calculate economic value again gao, oneself do not like, hang in the home also diaphragms answer.
Fill in color oil painting. It is on the printed canvas, covered with oil paint. Because of the manual drawing process, many businesses will call this kind of painting pure hand-painted oil painting. A lot of people do not understand painting, it is not easy to identify. Such as much oil painting line production for the factory, the picture will typically start light discoloration after 6 months, after a long time color will be more severe, because of the late oil paints and printing color to some extent, this painting now is more, the appearance and almost no too big difference, pure hand-painted oil painting frame also has a sense of touch, but through the light from the back of the painting, picture black and white border of the object is neat, as long as it is, dip in with finger a little water in the picture the dark color of place daub after there will be color, with a blank sheet of paper. Second color in picture if use white plain cloth, the edges of the canvas with a layer of glue, appear bright, all the color in picture frame around the edge of a centimeter distance where there will be a line, is the time to the original printing picture, then manually fill after covered, but will still be visible around the picture there is a trace, but there are also a few is only printing object, not print background, such a strong light on the back of the picture you can see beautiful printing picture [her], and thickness of the whole picture is average. Hand painting on the back can only see the hand color of the background of the relatively ugly appearance.
Three, direct printing on the canvas, very intuitive can see, the color is not bright enough, no pen touch, thickness uniformity, the stereo effect is poor, water on a color, generally two months began to fade.
These two types of paintings are both printed. This kind of oil painting has several characteristics: it has a pungent taste, some of it is because of printing pigments, and some of it is to dry quickly, the oil painting is adulterated, good oil painting will not have a pungent taste. If it smells like gasoline or paint, it's a fraud. Again it is fade, freehand oil painting is saved proper, can 100 years do not fade, look at those who save the famous oil painting that come down to know, but printing oil painting, it is after a few months fade.
Whether from environmental protection, family health, or decorative effects, the choice of hand-painted oil painting, is absolutely the best choice. If it's for a friend, it's even more hand-painted.
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